Excelsior! Scaling Morocco’s Highest Mountain

This past weekend, myself and six others from the AMIDEAST cohort decided to take a trip south to the Atlas Mountains and attempt to summit Jebel Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak.  As a foreigner, it was a brief glimpse into rural Moroccan mountain culture, complete with towering cirques and inhospitable peaks.  The trek took us two days of travel, mainly on foot from Imlil village to the hiker refuge, Les Mouflons, then onward and upward to the summit and the entire return journey.  Words cannot convey the power and majesty of the High Atlas, so I will let some choice photos do the talking.










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3 responses to “Excelsior! Scaling Morocco’s Highest Mountain

  1. Great photos and captions. I had fun camping out in your blog. I’ll be back! 🙂


  2. Hey Connor- I just stumbled upon this. Im actually currently studying abroad in Morocco and some friends and I are looking to climb Toubkal next weekend. Let me know if you think youd be able to answer a few questions about it, thanks!

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